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Top Management The Netherlands is a reality

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Top Management is proud to announce the opening of the new office in Roermond, The Nederlands. With this new opening, Top Management already has 10 offices distributed in 8 countries, offering its services of Engineering, Project Management, Project Monitoring, and Due Diligence among others.

Our more than 10 years of experience guarantee us as a reference company in the field of design and management of logistics warehouse construction, logistics parks, offices, cold stores, and industrial warehouses. With this new office, the needs of customers in the Netherlands will be covered.

The headquarters is located in the heart of the city of Roermond, in a strategic location for the logistics sector, which allows us to better manage the projects in the Netherlands.

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TOP Management is fully equipped to continue provide the services that we are committed to; thanks to an IT infrastructure allowing all our teams to be able to work from home.

Currently and during this period of confinement, we are all working at full capacity.