Quality management is equivalent to excellence

Barcelona, Monday 11th of November 2016 – A firm’s excellence is measured by the quality level it transmits during the execution of its work and that has a direct effect on the final product or service offered.

It’s difficult to project an image of quality if within the firm there isn’t a unified control. To achieve this image it’s necessary to use tools that are adapted to procedures that measure the quality of our work and that of the others.

Quality management is equivalent to excellence

Implementing common quality requirements as well as procedures with their corresponding tools results in an important benefit for the firm:

1.- Guarantees the level of excellence.

2.- Enables a quick and efficient control over the work executed.

3. Anticipates, and therefore avoids, mistakes whether they be technical, economical, etc.

4.- If an error is detected it will be easier to find what is causing it.

5.- Provide proven solutions that work.

6.- Quickly identify the need to improve a specific area.

7.- Uniformise the quality level between branches and offices in different countries.

8.- Create common documents that all employees are acquainted with.

9.- Involve all the workers in the preservation of the quality level.

10.- Increase the team’s productivity.

Top Management’s team includes an expert in quality management who is responsible for maintaining and improving the level of excellence that our clients are accustomed to.